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 of $220,000 Goal

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Jerusalem, Israel

Location of Campaign

Save a Troubled Youth Farm in

Israel from Closing Down

For over 20 years, Schmuel the Cohen has been working with endangered youth on his farm in Nachliel, a village in the Samarian mountains of Israel. Broken souls, who everyone (including their own families) had given up on, when Schmuel stepped into the picture. He’d ‘pick them up from the dirt’, teach them how to believe in themselves, and train them how to run positive, spiritual yet also down-to-earth, healthy lives and ultimately families.

The farm at Nachliel offers therapeutic opportunities to grow. The boys have a chance to cultivate the land, build, work on a farm, and ride horses. Nearby rivers and nature paths provide a place where the boys learn how to swim and catch fish. The natural wilderness around provides a perfect resort for youth to learn to navigate, take care of themselves in difficult conditions and most importantly how to look after one another.

Schmuel has deep love & commitment for the land of Israel & the people of Israel. He moved to Israel from the States when he was in his teens, joined the IDF Army and was a Commander in a Special Unit. He’s a therapist and idealist, and it’s in his heart to cares deeply for each and every one of the boys in the farm. The youth farm has been recommended from community leaders and Rabbi all around Israel because they understood through results that Schmuel knows most about youth and how to help them.
The farm has given hundreds of young boys a purpose, it has brightened up their future and helped heal the broken relationship with their families. Most of these young kids are now building their own happy homes and families in Israel.

NOW the farm is under financial threat of closing-down.

But, YOU can keep it open!

Share your love of Israel and it’s youth, by helping us reach our goal and sharing with others.

Schmuel is trying to raise money, but we his friends, would like to help more because time is urgent. 

We know money could be tight, trust us when we say even a little can help because time is running out.Think about it – when you donate to a cause you become an active part of all it’s success and it’s like you’re also doing it yourself!

Much success & happiness to you all,
Schmuel’s Friends  



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Give the Farm a HIGH FIVE

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$5 Giving just a little canadd up, it's MUCH appreciated!

$18 Chai

Give Life To The Farm​

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$18 will be greatly appreciated for saving this teen sanctuary!

$36 Double Chai

Very Helpful Donation

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$36 will be greatly appreciated for saving this teen sanctuary!

$50 Monthly Water Bill

Water Bill

1 Donated

$50 will take care of 1 water bill for the month, amazing gift!

$100 Monthly Electricity Bill

Electric Bill

0 Donated

$100 will take care of 1 electricity bill for the month, helpful & generous gift!

$180 Hundred & Chai

Generous Gift

1 Donated

What an incredible gift for keeping the Farm!

$500 Divine Donation

Gift to Keep Farm

0 Donated

Amazing Donation to keep Farm alive & striving 


Fund a Room in Farm

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This will fund a room in the farm for a half a year


Find ALL rooms for 1 year

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This will fund all rooms in the farm for a whole year!


WOW Donation

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This beyond amazing donation will help us TREMENDOUSLY reach or goal!

ANY AMOUNT big or small is SUCH AMAZING!