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PRE-SALE Campaign Jan. 15th

The Story of The Talking Mezuzah


            ,000 years ago, there was a little Mezuzah chillin' on a doorpost named Mr. Mezooz.  G-d granted him a precious mission to hang out there and protect the Jewish home.  Mr. Mezooz was loved and respected by children, grownups family and friends. They all joyfully gave him high-fives while passing by. However, 5,000 years later, poor Mr. Mezooz wasn't getting high-fived, he just wasn't cool any longer. Mr. Mezooz cried out, "I need a makeover!"

      We heard his crazy yelling from the doorpost and sprung into action! We designed him 3 colorful sleek new suits, and even better...We gave him a new voice! Now he'd share with you an inspirational quote to brighten your day whenever you'd give him that awesome 5,000 year old high five. Just like that, Mr. Mezooz became...the Talking Mezuzah! 


The Beginning.



The Talking Mezuzah is a pretty faux Jerusalem stone Mezuzah case, with a digital chip recording over 500 short & inspirational quotes of Jewish mysticism to modern day thinking!

Every quote has its roots in a Jewish Torah source.

Special Packages

Before selling at stores & on our Website,

we are running a Pre-Sale Special!

Wholesale will be $24 each Mezuzah

On Campaign it's $18 each - plus Special Packages.

Single Mezuzah

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Family Special -  9 Pack

25% off from the $24 they will be cost later


30%+ off per item


35%+ off per item 

PRE-SALE Campaign Jan. 15th